Our comprehensive tenant advisory services encompass a meticulous step-by-step approach, starting with a deeper understanding of your unique requirements and concluding with the discovery of the perfect solution tailored specifically to your needs. The strategic analysis of potential solutions ensure a heightened success rate in achieving your retail objectives.

Retail Real Estate Services in Bangalore

In the realm of retail real estate services in Bangalore, the significance of location cannot be overstated. The success of a store hinges greatly on its choice of location, as studies indicate that as much as 80% of a store's prosperity can be linked to this factor.

The nature of the surrounding community also bears influence on a store's success. For instance, a luxury fashion boutique may thrive in an upscale neighborhood, whereas a discount store may fare better in an economically accessible locality.

Solutions offered by Address Advisors focuses on understanding, analysing, and coming up with solutions that add value to taking calculated decisions and highten effectiveness. 

Types of Properties

Our Retail Real Estate Services in Bangalore

Tenant Representation

Retail real estate services in Bangalore includes tenant representation with sole focus on the tenant's best interests and requirements, we help you make an informed decision that best fits your corporate needs. We assist through providing relevant market knowledge, lease negotiation and renewal, micro and macro location analysis and much more to help you choose the right address!

Lease Renewal and Rent Review

With the aim to ensure transparency, both parties are encouraged to review the rent/lease terms and with our expertise we ensure a smooth hustle free transaction.

Landlord Representation

Strategic leasing advise for your property; we deliver tailor made solutions for your corporate needs including lease management, optimizing the tenant mix that add to your bottom line, improving the rental profile and much more.

Lease Structuring

We closely partner with landlords and developers to maximize their asset value by creating persuasive and result-oriented leasing programs.

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Types of Properties we Deal with in Retail Real Estate


Shopping malls are large complexes with retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. They offer diverse shopping experiences and often feature amenities like cinemas and food courts.

Example -  Lulu Mall, Orion Mall, Mantri Square.


Big box retailers are large-scale stores with discounted prices, bulk purchasing, and diverse product offerings. They operate in warehouse-style buildings with a national or international presence.

Example - Ikea, Walmart, Metro Cash and Carry.


High street stores are physical retail outlets located in city centers, offering in-person shopping experiences. They are situated in prominent locations and provide a variety of products for customers to browse and purchase.

Example -  27th Main HSR Layout, Brigade Road.


Strip malls are rows of retail stores with parking lots, offering easy access and convenience. They house a mix of businesses like local shops, restaurants, and services, catering to nearby residents and shoppers.

Example - BDA Complex, Small Shopping Arena/Plaza.


Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that appear for a short time, often in unique locations. They offer diverse products and serve as a marketing tool for brands, creating a sense of urgency and excitement among customers.

Example - Gazebos and Shops at Mela or Seasonal Sale Markets.


Storefronts are the front parts of retail stores with glass windows, showcasing merchandise and branding to attract customers. Lighting and accessibility create an inviting shopping experience.

Example - Kirana Shops, Apparel Shop.

Your retail success starts here, with our Consultancy for your business needs to transform empty spaces into thriving retail destinations.
Retail Real Estate

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  • We have a complete client centric and advisory approach. 
  • We take pride in knowing the pulse of the industry and beyond! With a strong understanding of the changing market conditions and a proven track record of delivering the best spaces to our clients.
  • We help you add merit to your business and assets!
  • We are a dynamic, agile, fast growing company fuelled by innovation, dedication and expertise that spans cities and beyond the service lines. We endeavour to deliver real estate solutions that add value to your future!

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