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Pune, often recognized as a major industrial hub in India, boasts a flourishing landscape of various industries, including automotive, information technology (IT), and engineering. Consequently, the city has witnessed a substantial surge in the demand for warehouse and storage solutions. Warehouses for rent in Pune have emerged as a highly sought-after option for businesses seeking cost-effective storage and distribution solutions. These warehouses strategically position themselves in close proximity to highways and transportation hubs, facilitating efficient goods transportation for businesses.

The robust commercial and industrial presence in Pune has given rise to a diverse array of warehousing options to cater to the multifaceted needs of local businesses. Enterprises can select from a wide range of warehouses in Pune, each offering distinct advantages in terms of size, location, and features. Whether in need of warehouse space for rent in Pune or seeking specialized warehouse facilities, businesses can find suitable solutions to meet their specific requirements in this thriving city.

Address Advisors, We stand out as a premier consultancy specializing in warehouse space rentals in Pune. We specialize in assisting companies in selecting the perfect warehouse that aligns with their unique business needs. Whether you require a Built to suite, storage warehouses, distribution centers, retail warehouses, cold storage warehouses, and flex space, We real estate consultants has covered you.

Our unmatched local market knowledge, which enables us to provide tailored recommendations. Our client-centric approach, combined with strategic planning tailored to your business operations, ensures that you find the most suitable warehouse. Our holistic approach encompasses a deep understanding of your warehouse space requirements, making them a one-stop solution for your warehouse rental needs in Pune.

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    Explore Prime Locations For Warehouse Space for Rent in Pune

    Chakan-Talegaon Cluster

    The Chakan-Talegaon Cluster is situated in the western part of Pune district, approximately 30-40 kilometers away from the Pune city center. It is strategically located near the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and is well-connected to major transportation networks suitable for warehouse for rent in pune.

    The Chakan-Talegaon Belt has become a preferred destination for warehousing and logistics activities. The area offers ample land for the development of large warehouses, distribution centers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. The presence of multiple transportation modes, including road, rail, and air connectivity, further facilitates efficient movement of goods.

    • Chakan

      Chakan is situated on the Pune-Nashik highway, and it is one of the fastest-growing industrial areas in Pune. It is home to many national and international companies such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Bajaj Auto, and Bridgestone. the average price for renting a warehouse in Pune, Chakan is around ₹28 - 31 per sq. ft for Grade A properties and ₹21 - 25 per sq. ft for Grade B properties . The type of popular industries in Chakan are automotive, engineering, and manufacturing.

    • Talegaon

      Talegaon is known for its industrial development. The town has attracted several industries from different sectors, the average price for renting a warehouse in Pune, Talegaon is around ₹20 - 24 per sq. ft for Grade A properties and ₹16 - 18 per sq. ft for Grade B properties . Popular industries in Talegaon are automotive, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals and Engineering and Manufacturing.

    • Kuruli & Chimbali

      Kuruli is a village located in the Pune district of Maharashtra & Chimbali is a village located in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area of Pune district in Maharashtra, India. It is situated near the Pune-Nashik highway and is known for its industrial and commercial activities, including warehousing. warehouse for rent in pune in these locations are popular for Grade B warehousing properties, the average price for renting a warehouse in Pune, kuruli and Chimbali is around  ₹14 - 16 per sq. ft.

      Wagholi-Ranjangaon Cluster

      The Wagholi-Ranjangaon Cluster is situated in the eastern part of Pune, approximately 40 kilometers from the city center. It spans across the Wagholi and Ranjangaon regions.

      The cluster enjoys excellent connectivity, making it an attractive location for warehousing and logistics operations. It is well-connected to major transportation routes, including the Pune-Ahmednagar Highway (NH 60) and the Pune-Solapur Highway (NH 65). The proximity to these highways ensures smooth transportation of goods to various parts of Maharashtra and neighboring states.

      • Wagholi

        Wagholi has distribution centers that serve as hubs for storage and distribution of goods. These facilities are strategically located to enable efficient movement of products to different regions.

        Cold Storage Facilities: Given the need for temperature-controlled storage, Wagholi also provides cold storage facilities for perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. The average price for renting a warehouse in this location is around  ₹20 - 25per sq. ft. for Grade A properties and ₹15 - 17 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

      • Lonikand

        It is situated approximately 25 kilometers away from the city center of Pune. Lonikand falls under the jurisdiction of the Pune Metropolitan Region and is known for its industrial and warehousing activities. Connecting Pune-Nagar Road (National Highway 60) and the Ahmednagar-Pune Highway (National Highway 27) the rental starts from ₹18 - 20 per sq. ft. for Grade A properties and ₹13 - 15 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

      • Chakan-Shikrapur Road

        These are the other popular locations in these cluster these locations consist of both Grade A and Grade B properties,

        The rental cost in Chakan-Shikrapur Road starts from ₹18 - 20 per sq. ft. for Grade A and ₹14 - 16 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

      • Sanaswadi and Ranjangaon

        Sanaswadi consists of Grade B warehousing properties the rental cost starts from ₹13 - 15 per sq. ft.

        Ranjangaon is located approximately 50 kilometers east of Pune. It houses numerous multinational companies, including automobile manufacturers and ancillary units. warehouse for rent in pune in this location rental cost starts from ₹18 - 22 per sq. ft. for Grade A and ₹14 - 17 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

        Other Popular Locations for warehousing in Pune
        • Hinjewadi

          Hinjewadi is situated in the western part of Pune, approximately 20 kilometers from the city center. It is well-connected to other parts of Pune through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Pune-Bengaluru Highway and its home to the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, which is one of India's largest IT parks. This contributes to the high demand for warehouses and storage spaces in the vicinity. warehouse for rent in pune in this location the rental cost starts from ₹28 - 31 per sq. ft. for Grade A and ₹21 - 25 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

        • Nagar Road

          Nagar Road enjoys excellent connectivity within Pune and to other major cities. It is situated on the Pune-Ahmednagar Highway (NH 60), providing easy access to Pune city center, Pune Airport, and major transportation routes. The rental cost in this loaction starts from ₹20 - 25 per sq. ft. for Grade A and ₹15 - 17 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

        • Pimpri-Chinchwad

          It is considered a twin city of Pune and is situated about 18 kilometers northwest of Pune's city center. Pimpri-Chinchwad is an industrial hub and a major contributor to the region's economy, It is well-connected to the rest of Pune and other major cities in Maharashtra. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Pune-Nashik Highway pass through the region, ensuring easy access to major transportation routes. The rental cost in this location starts from ₹26 - 31 per sq. ft. for Grade A and ₹21 - 25 per sq. ft. for Grade B properties.

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          Elements to check before leasing a warehouse in Pune

          • Proximity to major highways and transportation hubs
          • Availability of labor and workforce
          • Access to amenities and infrastructure
          • Proximity to your customers
          • Cost considerations
          • Better security

          Services we provide

          Benefits of Renting warehouse Space in Pune With Us

          • Understanding Your Requirements

            This includes factors such as the size of your team, budget constraints, location preferences, and any specific amenities or features you require.
          • Market Research

            We conduct extensive market research to identify suitable office spaces that match your criteria. We consider factors like local real estate trends, competition, and future growth potential of the area.
          • Property Selection

            Based on research, We present you with a curated list of office spaces that meet your requirements. This selection typically includes a range of options to ensure you have choices.
            • Property Visits

              We arrange site visits for you to physically inspect the shortlisted properties. This step allows you to get a firsthand feel for each space and evaluate whether it aligns with your vision. .
            • Financial Analysis

              Once you express interest in a particular property, we will help you analyze the financial aspects, including lease terms, rental rates, and any additional costs like maintenance fees and utilities.
            • Negotiations

              Our negotiation skills and relationships enable us to secure favorable terms for you. We negotiate on the rent, lease duration, and any customization or improvements required for you to have a seamless experience.
              • Legal Assistance
                To ensure that the lease agreement protects your interests, we collaborate with legal experts who specialize in real estate contracts. They help review and finalize the paperwork
              • Finalizing The Deal
                Upon reaching mutual agreement with all terms are agreed upon and the legalities are sorted, we facilitate in closing of the deal, ensuring that all parties involved sign the lease agreement.
              • Post Move-in Support
                We don't stop at closing the deal. We continue to provide support and assistance throughout your tenancy, addressing any issues or concerns that may arise.

                Why Choose Our Service

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