Why Plot Investment In Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway Is A Good Option?
Why Plot Investment In Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway Is A Good Option

The recently inaugurated 119 km long Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway is becoming the eye candy of plot investors these days. The newly built expressway, which cost an estimated amount of Rs. 8,066 crores to get constructed will ultimately increase urbanization in the nearby areas attracting plot investment in Bangalore and Mysore. The 10-lane expressway connects the two major technology hubs of India between the NICE Road (Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Road) and the Outer Ring Road (ORR).  

The expressway is aimed at reducing the travel time between the two cities almost by half from 3 hours to 90 minutes. Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway is part of NH-275 and will connect top neighborhood villages and towns like Ramanagara, Kumbalgodu, Srirangapatna, Bidadi and others. These Villages and towns ideally fall within a few kilometers radius or on the outskirts of Bengaluru and Mysore cities. 

Investment in plots in Bangalore is one of the top choices for real estate investors. This is due to the growing infrastructure and development in the city’s peripheral areas. Bengaluru, the fastest-growing IT hub has the finest infrastructure and is home to top IT companies and leading startups in India and abroad. Mysore is another city that offers a bright future for real estate investors since the third largest city in Karnataka witnesses rapid developments in commercial and residential properties making it another favorite choice for investors.

Reasons To Buy A Plot Near The Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway

plot investment in Bangalore and Mysore

1. An Ideal Location

The plots on the expressway located on the outskirts of the city make for an excellent location for all. The link between the major cities makes it an ideal location for both commercial and residential setups. Moreover, plots in these areas are free from excessive pollution and the noise of busy cities. People who want to relax and get some peace are often looking for such stays that are away from the city but also aren’t very far.

2. Growing Tourism

Due to the improved proximity between Bengaluru and Mysore, tourism is bound to increase. Increased tourism will eventually lead to more residential property developments yielding higher returns on investment.

3. Affordable Prices And Variety Of Options

The plots on the Bengaluru-Mysore expressway can be purchased at comparatively reasonable prices. The plots at this location are available in various sizes starting from 20x30 to 80x100 sqft.

4. Increased Return On Investment

Bengaluru city has already been titled the most developed city in India and Mysore city is also following in its footsteps. Due to the fast infrastructural development in the areas near the Bengaluru-Mysore expressway, plot investments have become very lucrative. Land prices have increased considerably in recent years and will increase even more in the coming years. That’s why if you consider plot investment in Bangalore and Mysore expressway today, it can yield greater returns in the future.

Karnataka Govt’s Upcoming 5 Satellite Towns Project

Amidst the growing demand for villas in and around the city’s outskirts, the Karnataka government has recently announced plans to build 5 high-tech satellite towns. These towns on the outskirts of Bengaluru city will have 1,000 villas each to reduce the burden on the capital city.

The project would be spread across an area of almost 500 acres of land and would be carried out on a 50:50 partnership basis between the landowners and the Karnataka Housing Board. This makes for a wonderful opportunity for real estate investors to buy a plot on the city’s outskirts for an impressive return on investment.


The economic surge in Bengaluru and Mysore cities, reduced travel time, great connectivity within the cities and towns, and high demand due to excellent future growth opportunities make plot investment on the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway a fitting choice for plot investors who are seeking high real-estate benefits in the future.

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