List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Bangalore with a booming IT industry and a growing population, the demand for quality housing has never been higher. This has led to the rise of numerous builders and developers who are transforming Bangalore's landscape.

Here's a look at top 10 builders and developers in Bangalore, each with its unique strengths and offerings:

1. Total Environment:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

A Bangalore-based developer known for their focus on sustainable living and environment-friendly practices. They offer innovative designs that promote natural light and ventilation while minimizing environmental impact. Total Environment is a great choice for those seeking a home that complements a green lifestyle.

Projects - Total Environment The Magic Faraway Tree, Total Environment in That Quiet Earth, Total Environment After The Rain, Total Environment Windmills Of Your Mind, Total Environment Learning To Fly, Total Environment Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody etc.

2. Prestige Group:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

A name synonymous with luxury and quality, Prestige Group has been a leading force in Bangalore's real estate market since 1986. They are known for their high-end residential projects, commercial spaces, and integrated townships. Prestige properties are lauded for their innovative designs, premium amenities, and commitment to timely delivery.

Projects - Prestige Lavender Fields, Prestige Jindal City, Prestige Summerfields, Prestige Glenbrook, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige Somerville etc.

3. Sobha Limited:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and focus on quality, Sobha Limited has set high standards in the industry. Established in 1970, they offer a variety of residential options, from luxury apartments to villas, all crafted with a focus on sustainable living practices. Sobha communities are known for their well-maintained spaces and emphasis on resident well-being.

Projects - Sobha Galera, Sobha Neopolis, Sobha Lake Gardens, Sobha Victoria Park, Sobha HRC Pristine, Sobha Oakshire, Sobha Petunia, Sobha Sterling Infinia etc.

4. Brigade Group:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Another major player in Bangalore's real estate, Brigade Group has been shaping the city since 1986. They offer a diverse portfolio, catering to various segments, from luxury apartments and villas to budget-friendly homes. Brigade is known for their focus on innovation and eco-friendly development practices. Their projects are well-integrated with amenities and often situated in prime locations.

Projects - Brigade Metropolis, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Sanctuary, Brigade El Dorado, Brigade Valencia, Brigade Woods etc.

5. Godrej Properties:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

The real estate arm of the illustrious Godrej Group, Godrej Properties brings a legacy of trust and reliability to the Bangalore market. They have been developing landmark projects since 1990, offering a blend of quality construction, well-designed spaces, and a strong focus on security. Godrej properties cater to both the luxury and mid-range segments.

Projects - Godrej Ananda, Godrej Athena, Godrej Splendour etc.

6. Puravankara Limited:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Established in 1975, Puravankara Limited is a leading developer known for their high-end residential projects. They are known for their focus on aesthetics, spacious living areas, and high-quality materials. Puravankara communities are often situated in prime locations and offer a luxurious living experience.

Projects - Purva Tivoli Hills, Purva Zenium, Purva Meraki, Purva Atmosphere, Purva Blubelle, Purva Sunshine etc.

7. Mahindra Lifespaces:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, Mahindra Lifespaces offers a variety of residential projects in Bangalore, catering to various segments. They are known for their focus on creating communities with a strong sense of belonging and offering well-designed living spaces.

Projects - Mahindra Windchimes, Mahindra Zen etc.

8. Mana Projects:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Established in 1999, Mana Projects is a prominent developer known for their mid-range and high-end residential projects. They are known for their focus on quality construction, timely delivery, and creating customer-centric living spaces.

Projects - Mana Capitol, Mana Dale, Mana Foresta, Daintree By Mana, Macasa Emerald etc.

9. Century Real Estate:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

A Bangalore-based developer with a presence since 1973, Century Real Estate offers a variety of residential options, from plots and villas to apartments. They are known for their focus on quality construction and timely project completion. Century Real Estate's projects are spread across various locations in Bangalore, catering to diverse needs.

Projects - Century Horizon, Century Ethos etc.

10. Assetz Property Group:

List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

A new-age developer, Assetz Property Group focuses on creating modern living spaces with a strong emphasis on design and functionality. They offer a variety of projects, from luxury apartments to co-living spaces, catering to the evolving needs of urban residents.

Projects - Assetz Melodies of Life, Assetz Sora and Saki, Assetz Sun and Sanctum, Assetz Canvas and Cove, Assetz Bloom and Dell, Assetz 22 and Crest, Assetz 63 Degree East, Assetz Soho and Sky etc.

Other Reputable Developers:

    • Goyal & Co
    • Chaitanya Builders And Leasing
    • Svamitva Infra
    • Lodha Group
    • B&B Infra
    • SNN Estates
    • Sumadhura Group
    • K Raheja Corp
    • Sowparnika
    • The Phoenix Mills
    • Mantri Developers
    • L&T Realty
    • Sattva Group
    • Shriram Properties
    • Casagrand Builder Pvt. Ltd
    • Puravankara Limited

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Builder:

  • Reputation and Track Record: Research the builder's past projects, customer reviews, and completion timelines.
  • Project Portfolio: Evaluate the builder's portfolio to see if their offerings align with your needs and budget.
  • Location and Connectivity: Consider the project's location, access to social infrastructure, and connectivity to major parts of the city.
  • Quality of Construction: Look for a builder known for using high-quality materials and adhering to stringent construction standards.
  • Amenities Offered: Evaluate the amenities offered by the project and see if they match your lifestyle requirements.
  • Transparency and Customer Service: Choose a builder with a reputation for transparency in dealings and responsive customer service.

Additional Considerations for Choosing a Builder in Bangalore:

  • Focus on Sustainable Practices: With growing environmental concerns, builders who prioritize sustainable construction practices like rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient designs, and use of recycled materials are becoming increasingly attractive.
  • Legalities and Approvals: Ensure the builder has obtained all necessary approvals for the project, including land ownership documents, building plans, and occupancy certificates. A reputable builder will provide clear documentation and transparency on legal aspects.
  • Financial Stability: Research the builder's financial stability to ensure they have the resources to complete the project on time and to a high standard.

Exploring Different Project Types:

  • Apartments: The most common housing option in Bangalore, apartments come in various configurations, from budget-friendly studios to spacious luxury penthouses. Gated communities with amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and clubhouses are a popular choice.

  • Villas and Independent Houses: Offering a sense of privacy and exclusivity, villas and independent houses are a preferred choice for those seeking more space. Options range from luxurious standalone villas to villaments, which combine the benefits of a villa with community living.


Choosing the right builder is a crucial step towards realizing your dream home in Bangalore. By carefully researching the top builders, considering your specific needs and priorities, and utilizing available resources, you can make an informed decision and invest in a property that provides lasting value and satisfaction.

Remember, this is just a starting point. It's advisable to delve deeper into each builder by collaborating with a real estate consultant.

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