We are a pro-active partner in raising capital for real estate projects across Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Retail Projects. Our team facilitates real estate developers to raise both domestic and international funding via HNI Investors, Private Equity Funds, Banks and Non- Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs).

Lease Rental Discounting

We closely partner with banks to assist you in acquiring capital at competitive rates, using rental receipts as collateral. Get optimal solutions to furnish your loan requirements for real estate development.

Construction Finance

With our in-depth knowledge of the market conditions and deep understanding of the project valuation, we work with third parties to offer tailored solutions that meet your loan requirements, repayment options, moratorium etc to assist you maximise the real estate potential of the project.

Loan Against Property

We offer strategic advice to enable you to source loan by understanding the nuances of your property, its value, LTV etc. We work closely with financial institutions to help you get the maximum capital for your real estate needs.

Investment Sales

Our team of experts will help you cinch the best rent yielding property in the market to build up your commercial portfolio and help you acquire best returns on your investment.
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